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10/3/2021 (updated: 1/9/2023) | 2min Reading time

Gorge hikes and comfortable return by boat

Masca mit Boot
Status November 2022: at the moment a new jetty is being built in Masca, so that soon (date not yet fixed) boats will be sailing between Los Gigantes and Masca again.

Masca hike still without pick-up by boat

I reported that the famous Barranco of Masca has been reopened and I did a test hike there myself. In the past, the Barranco of Masca was characterised by the fact that people liked to hike down the gorge. And then they take a boat along the impressive cliffs back to Los Gigantes. I had often reported that this made the Masca gorge walk relatively easy compared to all other possible gorge walks in the southern Teno Mountains. As a result, the Barranco of Masca was very popular and considered the most frequented gorge on the island.
Now things have changed. Until today, the Masca jetty at Masca beach is closed and a pick-up from there by boat is not yet possible. This may change in the future. I will report on this. At the moment, however, the Barranco of Masca can only be walked down and then up again. Boats are not allowed to moor there.

New: Pick-up by boat now possible for other gorges

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But now the good news for those who like to walk down a gorge but not back up again. Recently there are companies, such as Flipper Uno (tel. 922862120). They pick up hikers from Barranco El Carrizal, Juan Lopez, Roque Largo and Barranco Seco/Barranco Natero. The only condition is that you inform the company beforehand and order a pick-up. You will also need to pack your hiking gear waterproof and swim about 200 metres out to the boat, as the boat cannot dock. For those who don’t have a problem with this, there are now new possibilities to hike even strenuous gorges only downhill.
pick up by boat after your hikes
pick up by boat after your hikes


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