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4/25/2019 (updated: 12/20/2022) | 3min Reading time

Fellow hikers wanted

Mitwanderer gesucht

Fellow Hikers on the Canary Islands

Fellow hikers wanted – I often receive requests from readers of this blog who ask me about opportunities to join them. Sometimes the point is that they would like to get to know interesting hiking tours from insiders. Another time, someone doesn’t want to hike alone and is therefore looking for company.
hiker on a hiking path - La Palma - fellow hikers
hiker on a hiking path - La Palma - fellow hikers

Hiking companies in the Canary Islands

As you will surely find out very quickly via the Internet, there are hiking and tour providers on all the Canary Islands. Have a look at the homepages and maybe you will find the right hiking company for you. Since I haven’t hiked with any of these providers yet, I can’t say much about it myself. One hiking company in the north of Tenerife that offers hiking tours is Aventura Hiking.
In the south of Tenerife, Steffi and Lothar Schmid, who have been living on Tenerife since 1999, offer individual tours and hikes. They attach great importance to small groups, personal care and organize you e.g. the guided Teide tour with permission, an island trekking with luggage transport or any private tour with a mountain guide requested by you. Have a look at the very interesting Homepage of the two from Tenerife Kreaktiv . The Norwegian Ian offers exciting and challenging tours in Los Gigantes.
I would be very happy if you already have some experience. And even more, if you could share them with other readers here. So you can certainly help other readers who are looking for fellow hikers or tour providers. I am happy to read about your experiences. Just write a comment or even better register in the new forum (see below).
fellow hikers in the Barranco of Masca, Tenerife
fellow hikers in the Barranco of Masca, Tenerife

Private opportunities for fellow hikers

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There are certainly private associations of hiking enthusiasts on many or even all of the Canary Islands who go hiking together. Some of them also offer tours for fellow hikers. If you know such associations or if you take private hikers with you, I would be happy to hear from you.
On Tenerife, for example, Wolfgang Kieckbusch offers private hikes. You can find his planned tours and hiking conditions on his website.
Do you know other possibilities for fellow hikers – perhaps also on the other Canary Islands?

And finally

I hope you will find the right fellow hikers via Siebeninseln. Have good hiking trips where ever you walk,
Dagmar von Siebeninseln


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