The 10 most popular hikes in Tenerife

Wanderungen Teneriffa - die 10 beliebtesten Touren

If you are looking for hikes in Tenerife, you will find many different hiking tours around the island here on Seven Islands. Every visitor to the blog can click through the hikes in the Tenerife category and find the hikes that suit them. Nevertheless, I often get mails in which people ask me what the right hike on Tenerife might be for them. Some people would like to get to know particularly demanding, unusual or long hiking routes.

The 10 most popular hikes in Tenerife - Circular Anaga

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Still others would like to start with small hiking tours. And then there are the visitors who come to Tenerife for the first time. Again and again there is the question about the most beautiful and best known hikes on Tenerife. To make the selection a little easier, you will find the 10 most popular hikes on Tenerife in this article. Of course, there are so many beautiful hikes on Tenerife, so that the selection was really not easy for me. However, I have now really picked out the most famous hikes. But that also means that you will most likely not hike there all alone.

1. Pico del Teide Hike

Teide north side view

The most famous hike on Tenerife is of course the ascent of the highest mountain in Spain and the Canary Islands. Here the Teide attracts with its 3718 meters of altitude and many different hiking trails. You can go up to 200 metres below the summit by cable car or hike up the Montaña Blanca from the Cañadas. You can find the various possibilities to climb the summit of the Teide with all information and photos here.

Tenerife popular hikes - Barranco de Masca

2. The Barranco of Masca

The most famous gorge hike on Tenerife and in the Teno Mountains leads through the popular Barranco of Masca. Many groups hiked down through the gorge from the small town of Masca to be picked up by boat and taken to Los Gigantes. However, since February 2018, the gorge was closed indefinitely after some accidents. It was reopened in March 2021. You can find all information about Masca here.

Tenerife Hikes - Roques de García

3. Circular walk around the Roques de García

On the hike you will see the Roques de García with the famous Roque Cinchado, also known as Finger of God, which is not missing on any travel guide. And while you are circling the small mountain massif, you will have fantastic views of the Teide, the Pico Viejo and all the mountains surrounding the Caldera. The wide plain of the Llano de Ucanca will be at your feet. If the Teide ascent is a little too much for you, you will have a wonderful little circular walk here at the foot of the big mountain. You can get to know the national park with this rock tour and enjoy beautiful and fascinating views. You can find all information about this fine circular walk here.

Tenerife hikes - Paisaje Lunar

4. Paisaje Lunar

A hike of a very special kind is the hike above the village of Vilaflor through the so-called moon landscape. The Paisaje Lunar differs considerably from the other hikes near the Cañadas by its impressive “moon landscape”. In fact, the white formations of volcanic rock are among the greatest natural wonders on the island of Tenerife. On this tour you can have a close look at the impressive volcanic rocks in the Barranco de las Arenas. The white rock formed by wind and weather looks as if there are many small towers next to each other. Almost like a fairytale landscape. All information about this wonderful hike can be found here.

Tenerife Hikes - Anaga Chamorga - Faro de Anaga

5. Anaga circular walk at Chamorga over the Faro de Anaga

This circular hike takes you to the extreme tip of Tenerife – the Anaga Mountains. From the small village of Chamorga you pass through the Barranco de Chamorga, which is partly named Barranco de Bermejo after a small fishing village. The small village of Roque de Bermejo and the rock of the same name are at the end of the path through the Barranco. There is no road leading there. The place can only be reached through the Barranco or by boat. Then it goes back steeply uphill to the lighthouse Faro de Anaga and further back over the height of the Anaga foothills. You can find all information about this circular walk here.

Tenerife hiking - Barranco del Infierno

6. Barranco del Infierno

The Barranco del Infierno (Hell Gorge) is located in the southwest of Tenerife near Adeje. Just behind the famous Masca Gorge it is one of the most popular destinations for many tourists. The Barranco del Infierno is easy to walk on. But it does not only offer an impressive waterfall of 80 meters height at the end of the gorge. The unique landscape of the Barranco del Infierno is especially protected by the Reserva Natural Especial del Barranco del Infierno nature reserve. After being closed for a long time, it is now accessible again for a fee and with helmet protection. Everything about this hike can be found here.

Tenerife hikes - Teno Mountains Risco Steig

7. Risco Steig

The hike along the famous Risco Steig is a “must” for every hiking enthusiast on Tenerife. Buenavista del Norte is located in the north of the island. And from there the Risco Climb leads steeply up to the rugged rock walls of the Teno Mountains. Once at the top, the circular hike continues across the plateau through green meadows and fields to the small village of Teno Alto. After a rest in the hamlet, the trail slowly descends towards the coast. If you like, you can visit the most northwestern point of Tenerife, the Punta de Teno with its lighthouse. Afterwards, we return to the starting point on the quiet coastal road with wonderful views of the rocks and the sea. All information about this hike can be found here.

Tenerife hikes - Roque del Conde

8. Roque del Conde

The Conde, with its sloping summit plateau, is a striking mountain in southern Tenerife, visible from afar. And also in the south of the island there are some very interesting hiking possibilities. Beside the circular path around the Roque Imoque, the ascent of the Conde is without a doubt one of them. Those who want to climb the Roque del Conde will find it – as long as it lives in the south of Tenerife – almost in front of the “hotel door” and thus save long travel times. Therefore, the hiking tour to the summit of the Roque del Conde is popular with locals and tourists alike. And also here, there is an ascent on good hiking paths and an alternative possibility with a lot of scrambling over the rock band of the Roque del Conde. You can find all information here.

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Tenerife Hikes - Volcano Chinyero

9. Tour around the volcano Chinyero

One of the most famous hiking routes on Tenerife is the Circular Chinyero – the round tour around the volcano Chinyero. Not only the actual tour around the volcano, which erupted about 100 years ago and is still “hot”, is varied. Especially interesting is the whole area around the black volcanic cone Chinyero. Therefore this hiking route offers something for every taste. Because to the Chinyero and to the round tour many different ways lead from all directions. And most of the trails can be combined perfectly. Here you can find all hiking routes and further information.

Tenerife hikes - Pico Viejo

10. Pico Viejo

The Pico Viejo is also called Chahorra and together with the Teide forms the Teide-Pico-Viejo complex. But even if only the “little brother” of the great Teide, climbing the second highest mountain of the Canary Islands is an exciting experience. The Pico Viejo has a large crater with a diameter of 800 metres and a depth of 250 metres. You can go for a walk on the impressive crater rim during the highlight of the hike. All information about this impressive hike can be found here.

And finally

Now I have chosen for you what I believe to be the most famous hikes on the island of Tenerife. But that does not mean that there are not many other beautiful tours. Just have a look at my blog. I wish you a lot of fun hiking,

Dagmar von Siebeninseln

Summary information about the article and a large selection of GPS hiking tracks are availableRegister now for my newsletter and get exclusive access to my collected GPS tracks as well as all short information about my articles.


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