Closure of hiking trails in Teide National Park

Sperrung Wanderweg zum Guajara vom Parador

Closure of hiking trails due to forest fire

The closure of many hiking trails also in the Teide National Park is a consequence of the great forest fire. In the night from last Sunday (8 April 2018) to Monday a forest fire broke out on the southern flank of Teide National Park. More information here. The fire destroyed over 330 hectares of pine forest and greenery. Meanwhile the forest fire is under control. But the ground is still glowing and in combination with wind a new fire can quickly break out.

Hiking trail Parador direction El Portillo

Closure of hiking trails for an indefinite time

Due to the still existing danger of forest fires, many hiking trails will remain closed. At present, many hiking trails in the Teide National Park are also affected by the closure. At the moment, for example, it is not possible to go from the Parador to the mountains on the east side of the Caldera. All accesses, for example to the Guajara, are closed.

It is not yet possible to predict when the hiking trails will be reopened. According to the Teide National Park Authority, this could take a while.

For hikers: More information about which trails are closed for which times can be obtained from the Cabildo de Tenerife.

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