Tenerife – Hiking from Boca Tauce to the Cascada de Chindia waterfall

Wanderweg Richtung Straße TF-21

Boca Tauce – Hiking and an Ethnographic Museum Boca Tauce is a prominent crossroads for hikers, as many hiking trails converge there. But also the access roads to the Teide National Park from Arona and Chio (TF-21 and TF-38) meet there. The Juan Évora Ethnographic Museum near Boca Tauce is very interesting and definitely worth […]

Tenerife – Hiking in the evergreen Esperanza Forest

Wanderweg im Wanderinnen

The Esperanza Forest – fantastically beautiful and very popular with hikers In the north-east of Tenerife lies the Esperanza Forest, which with its numerous hiking and forestry trails is a popular and charming hiking area for locals and tourists alike. The Esperanza Forest, often referred to as the Fairytale Forest by the locals, is located […]

Tenerife – Hike around the Montaña Cascajo to the Montaña Corredera

Wanderin auf dem Hangweg mit Blick zum Teno Gebirge

Montaña Cascajo – Hiking below Teide With the hike around the Montaña Cascajo and to the summit of the Montaña Corredera I would like to introduce another hike at the foothills of the western slopes of the mighty Teide. This big circular hike leads you first into the volcanic landscape below the TF-38. After a […]

Tenerife – Montaña el Cedro – exciting circular walk on the slopes of the Cañadas

Montaña el Cedro - Wanderer auf dem Wanderweg

Montaña el Cedro – a rugged summit in the Cañadas The Montaña el Cedro is a small rugged peak in a chain of mountains, the Cañadas. These mountains frame the caldera, the crater rim of the huge primeval volcano that was in the middle of the island millions of years ago. There are beautiful walks […]

Tenerife circular walks – to the Montaña de las Cuevitas and around the Montaña la Corredera

Panorama - Montaña de las Cuevitas

Tenerife circular walks in the Parque Nacional de Corona Forestal Today there are two circular walks in Tenerife. These take you to the Parque Nacional de Corona Forestal. The unique nature reserve forms a very large “extension ring” around the Teide National Park. It has a total area of 41,067.7 hectares and is thus the […]

Tenerife – Guajara 2 from Parador Nacional de la Cañadas

Panorama - Blick vom Guajara auf den Teide

Guajara 2 – Ascent to the third highest mountain on the island from the Parador Nacional You might wonder about the name Guajara 2, but with Guajara 2 I only want to separate this Guajara Tour from the Guajara Tour, which has already been described here from Villaflor. This tour Guajara 2 is considerably shorter […]

Tenerife Teide – Mufflon hunting in Teide National Park

Mufflon Jagd Sperrungen

Mufflon hunting season 2019 starts 6th of May Mufflon hunting season 2019 starts on 6 May 2019. From Monday 6 May to Monday 3 June 2019 (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) large sections of the Teide National Park are closed due to Mufflon hunting. Please note that during these times you will not be able […]