Forest fire in Tenerife on the south flank of the Teide


Forest fire on Tenerife – 10 April 2018 The forest fire on the south flank of the Teide should still not be under control on the east side. The fire brigade, military and forestry workers are still in action. So far more than 330 hectares of forest and green space have been burned. Some media […]

Tenerife Guajara: Ascent to the third highest peak of the islands

Schroffe Felsen - Guajara

Guajara ascent over the small village of Vilaflor Today’s circular walk on the Guajara leads you to the third highest peak of Tenerife. Guajara is the third highest point in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, 2,718 metres behind Pico del Teide and Pico Viejo. Several paths lead to the top of Guajara. Today I present […]

Tenerife: Hiking under the almond blossom – Ruta Almendros en Flor


Almond blossom in January The almond blossom is approaching. The first buds will already be visible in January. Therefore I would like to present here today a beautiful circular walk near Santiago del Teide. On this almond blossom path you will see hundreds of blossoming almond trees. The hike itself can of course be done […]

Circular walk through the Caldera – film set, sanatorium and precious stones

Die beeindruckende Caldera vom Teide aus gesehen

An adventure hike through the Caldera Today’s hike through the Caldera is really a small circular hike with some adventure. The S 16 (Sanatorio) and the S 19 (Majúa) below the great Teide are well laid out hiking trails through the Caldera. Caldera literally means cauldron. And indeed, this large cauldron was created by the […]

Tenerife: Round trip over the Narices del Teide to the crater rim of Pico Viejo

der Krater des Pico Viejo

Pico Viejo – the second highest peak of the Canary Islands After I have already described all possibilities to reach the summit of the Teide, today I go to the Pico Viejo. This is also called Chahorra and forms together with the Teide the Teide-Pico-Viejo complex. But even if only the “little brother” of the […]

Chinyero – Circular hike around a “hot” volcano

Lavafeld mit Chinyero, Teide und Pico Viejo

Many trails lead to Chinyero Today I describe one of the most famous hiking routes on Tenerife, the Circular Chinyero. Not only the actual tour around the volcano, which erupted about 100 years ago and is still “hot”, is varied. Especially interesting is the whole area around the black volcanic cone Chinyero. Therefore this hiking […]

Tenerife – Montaña Samara – small volcano circular hike

Tenerife Samara – Hiking between volcanoes Today’s hike on Tenerife around mount Samara is once again a small hike that is suitable for everyone. In a leisurely round trip, you will go on an impressive tour over and between volcanoes at an altitude of approx. 2000 metres below the Teide. If the 2 hours long […]

Paisaje Lunar – Circular hike through a lunar landscape

Teneriffa - Paisaje Lunar - weiße Mondlandschaften aus Bimsstein

Paisaje Lunar – Canary landscape with white volcanic rock The Paisaje Lunar differs considerably from the other hikes near the Cañadas by its impressive “moon landscape”. In fact, the white volcanic rock formations are among the greatest natural wonders on the island of Tenerife. On this tour you can have a close look at the […]