Tenerife – Short hike near the “ghost town” of Abades

Kirche Abades

The “ghost town” of Abades The never inhabited and therefore lonely town of Abades is situated on the south-east coast of Tenerife near the small village of Los Abriguitos. This in turn is located in the municipality of Arico between Porís de Abona and La Jaca. Originally, Abades was to be used as a leprosy […]

Tenerife – Hiking in the evergreen Esperanza Forest

Wanderweg im Wanderinnen

The Esperanza Forest – fantastically beautiful and very popular with hikers In the north-east of Tenerife lies the Esperanza Forest, which with its numerous hiking and forestry trails is a popular and charming hiking area for locals and tourists alike. The Esperanza Forest, often referred to as the Fairytale Forest by the locals, is located […]

Tenerife – Two hikes around Arico and the Barranco Tamadaya

Aufstieg aus dem Barranco Tamadaya

Arico and the Barranco Tamadaya The small municipality of Arico with about 8000 inhabitants and its famous Barranco Tamadaya is situated in the south-east of Tenerife. Arico consists of several historical districts. There is Arico Nuevo, Arico Viejo and La Degollada. The buildings and streets appear tidy and well-kept, so that a visit to the […]

Tenerife – Easy high altitude walk with magnificent views over Arico

Wanderinnen auf dem Wanderweg hoch über Arico

Arico – starting point for impressive hiking and climbing tours  The small municipality of Arico with about 8000 inhabitants is located in the southeast of Tenerife. Arico consists of several historical districts. The buildings and streets seem tidy and well maintained, so that a visit to the village in connection with a walk is definitely […]

Tenerife – Barranco del Río – Hiking in a lonely canyon with waterfall

Barranco del Río - ein Seitental

Barranco del Río – wild nature and lots of water As announced in the last article, today I describe a hiking tour into the Barranco del Río to another waterfall in Tenerife. I already wrote about hikes to waterfalls on the Canary Islands in my last article Cascada Lomo Morín. This waterfall is now located […]

Tenerife – Circular hike high above Candelaria

Blick auf den Teide und Wolken auf der Ostseite der Insel

Candelaria with Virgo and Guanche Kings The famous town of Candelaria lies on the northeast coast of Tenerife. Today’s hike will take you to the wooded heights above Candelaria. If you don’t know the place yet, you might have the opportunity to visit it before or after this hike. Further information about Candelaria you will […]