About me

My name is Dagmar and I live most of the year in Tenerife. Through my island trips I know all Canary Islands. I prefer to hike with my Labrador Lasko and try out new unknown paths. From time to time I get on my bike or even better on a horseback. Since I am at home near the Teno mountains, I know almost every corner of this area. But I am always on the lookout to discover new ways and interesting sights on the islands.

I like to photograph and write and do hiking on Tenerife. Here I would like to write for tourists and of course also for all English-speaking people who love the Canary Islands like me. I hope that I can give you such good and valuable information and facilitate your tour to the islands.

I am always looking forward to your comments, suggestions for improvement and feedback. If you read my articles and have made own experiences afterwards, I am looking forward to your experiences.

Thanks for stopping by.

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