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About me – information

My name is Dagmar and I live on Tenerife for a large part of the year. Through my island trips I know all the Canary Islands. My favourite thing is to go hiking with my Labrador Lasko and try out new unknown paths. From time to time I also get on my bike or even better on horseback. Since I live near the Teno Mountains, I know almost every corner of this area. But I am always on the lookout to discover new paths and interesting sights on the islands.
I enjoy photography and writing and love hiking in Tenerife. Here I would like to write for all people who, like me, love the Canary Islands and enjoy hiking. I hope that I can give you good and valuable information and make your tour of the islands easier.
I am always happy to receive tips, suggestions for improvement and feedback.

Important information – Disclaimer 

The information contained on Seven Islands is the author’s own data, opinions and experiences. I am not a mountain guide and I am not qualified to guide people. On Seven Islands you can only read about my own experiences, which I have gathered on my private hikes.
To hike safely you should be physically fit, have some technical knowledge and suitable equipment. Of course, local knowledge and the respective weather also play a not insignificant role in safe hiking. 
The author is not responsible for any consequences that may arise from the omission of all or part of the above information, or from the misuse of the information appearing here.Also, the information written down may change over time. The GPS positions shown are not necessarily accurate directions as GPS positioning may be down or inaccurate. Due to rain, landslides, etc., the condition of paths and trails may vary. Therefore, always prepare well in advance for your trek:
  • 1.0
    Check the weather forecast and get up-to-date local information.
  • 2.0
    Check whether the route is suitable for yourself (fitness, physical condition).
  • 3.0
    Clothing and footwear must be suitable for hiking.
  • 4.0
    Take enough food and water with you
  • 5.0
    If possible, only hike with a companion and inform family or friends about the route.
Remember: Hiking in nature involves risks. You hike at your own risk. Be careful and call the emergency services (112) in case of an emergency.
Thanks for stopping by,
Dagmar from Seven Islands

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