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4/25/2019 (updated: 11/25/2022) | 4min Reading time

Weather, Hiking, Rescue and the Consequences

Starker Sturm und Wolken - kein Wanderwetter

Hiking – Rescue from the Masca Gorge

A few days ago a group from Germany had to spend the night in the Masca Gorge and could only be rescued the following morning. Despite storm warnings and bad weather conditions (rain, storm, clouds) the group had walked through the Barranco of Masca.
Hiking - storm and high waves - Tenerife
Hiking - storm and high waves - Tenerife
The press, like here Spiegel Online, reported about the rescue. Unfortunately, this is not the first case of this kind while hiking. Again and again hikers who are on their way in the mountains in heavy weather have to be searched for and rescued.
storm and high waves - Tenerife
storm and high waves - Tenerife

Before hiking look for the weather

This is reason enough for me to point out once again here on Seven Islands that extreme caution is required when hiking, especially with regard to the weather. Indeed, the weather on the Canary Islands sometimes changes very fast, so that you can be surprised by clouds and rain while hiking.
But in general, the weather services today are quite reliable. Therefore, always check the weather forecast before every hike. Here I have already listed my three most reliable weather pages. In case of upcoming thunderstorms, be sure to visit Aemet before hiking (see picture).
weather forecast AEMET
weather forecast AEMET
Green zone: without risk
Yellow zone: low risk
Orange Zone: important risk
Red zone: extreme risk
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Article summary and large selection of GPS hiking tracks

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Rescue costs in case of negligent behaviour while hiking

Of course the life and health of the hikers is important first of all. However, careless behaviour can also put fellow hikers and rescue workers in unnecessary danger. In addition, costs are incurred as a result of rescue operations. And these are not always borne by the state and state organizations.
For more than 5 years now, the Canary Islands have had the new rescue regulations for “risk sports, carelessness or disregard of regulations”. For hikers, this means that a salvage/rescue must be paid out of their own pocket in the event of an accident if the accident was caused by negligent behaviour. Of course, negligence is another legal term. In case of doubt, Spanish judges will decide how narrow or wide this term is to be interpreted.

And finally

The amount of the rescue costs depends on the expenditure of the rescue. With costs for a helicopter of 2000 euro per hour, a boat of 300 euro per hour and for each rescue force 36, – € per hour can come already times fast a large amount together.
I wish you also in the future good and above all safe migrations,
Dagmar von Siebeninseln

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