Guergues climb closed

The Guergues Steig has been closed since mid-March 2018. The area belongs to the owner/goat farm Casas de Arazas. At the moment I know nothing about the exact background. Already in the last years the owner has protested against dogs (also on a leash) being brought on the hiking trail. Now he seems to enforce a hiking prohibition for the well-known Steig Wanderung.

Guergues Steig - already closed to dogs in the past - now also for hikers

The beginning of the hike Guergues Steig is identical with the hike in the Barranco Natero. I cannot say to what extent the farmers/owners let people descend into the Barranco Natero. Maybe a reader of Seven Islands knows more? As soon as I should find out something about the hiking trail Guergues Steig, I will gladly report here.

The owner of the Finca Casas de Araza prevents that hikers can hike on the Guergues Trail or in the Barranco de Natero

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  1. Hi there, we tried to do the barranco trail but the owner of the farm will not let anyone in. He is really strict. It s a pity. That means the Guergues trail is also not accessible. 🤷‍♀️ (April 2021).

    1. Thank you for the comment. I had already written about it here shortly after the closure:

  2. Shocked that such a vast track of land could be closed just like that, after so many years…
    Would be very interesting to know exactly what is “private property” on the this trail and also the Barranco Natero/Seco trail. It is such a widely used and enjoyed trail for so many over uncountable years.
    A real gem of a trail with spectacular views and one of the few exceptional trecks that is very easy to drive to the trail-head on a good road. There must be a lot of “local talk” about this, will keep a watch here for any updates.

    1. Yes, this is a really sad and annoying story. As far as I know legally, someone would have to sue. The responsible municipality of Buenavista apparently does nothing and only gives vague information when asked. If I have read Spanish law correctly – there are many precedents cases on Mallorca – then old hiking trails cannot simply be closed. But if the owner manage to keep hikers away for a few years, then the owner gets justice. Since no one is complaining here, he seems to be getting away with it. Then there will be no more Guergues Steig hikes.

  3. A very sad story indeed. My connection to this place happened whilst i was online researching Tenerife as a place to go to after this COVID alarm. I came across a stunning picture of Los Pajares/Masca taken from up on Montana de las Rosas and the ridge line immediately caught my eye. I said to my wife ‘THAT’ would make a fantastic ridge trek, not knowing anything about the area. The first thing she said was without a path it would be impossibly overgrown wild ground to cover.
    Later i zoomed in with goole-earth and sure enough there was a faint path going along the ridge line. Then i googled “Masca Ridge Walk” and found myself dropped into one of the most famous walks in Tenerife for the conesuer walker. A path that has been used for over a 1000 years!
    Now we have one guy doing his best to take over the whole place, in the process ruining it for everyone else, for evermore.
    Only two weeks ago (April 30th) Adeje council announced they are fully supporting mountain walking (Ponte Las Botas) starting this summer.
    It is a very sad situation someone from Buenavista council could not have the same vision as Adeje council for Los Pajares/Sendero Guergues/Camino de Guergues/Guergues Steig/The Masca Ridge Walk.
    Tenerife tourism could actually lose out on the belligerence of this one individual in the long-term.

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