Guergues climb closed

The Guergues Steig has been closed since mid-March 2018. The area belongs to the owner/goat farm Casas de Arazas. At the moment I know nothing about the exact background. Already in the last years the owner has protested against dogs (also on a leash) being brought on the hiking trail. Now he seems to enforce a hiking prohibition for the well-known Steig Wanderung.

Guergues Steig - already closed to dogs in the past - now also for hikers

The beginning of the hike Guergues Steig is identical with the hike in the Barranco Natero. I cannot say to what extent the farmers/owners let people descend into the Barranco Natero. Maybe a reader of Seven Islands knows more? As soon as I should find out something about the hiking trail Guergues Steig, I will gladly report here.

The owner of the Finca Casas de Araza prevents that hikers can hike on the Guergues Trail or in the Barranco de Natero

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