Masca Gorge reopens from 27.3.2021

Masca gorge - bridge

Since the end of February 2018, the Barranco of Masca – the most popular hiking gorge on the island of Tenerife – was closed. You can read all about the background and what happened afterwards here on Seven Islands. Since then, many hikers waited for the reopening. Rumours about a possible reopening were constantly circulating. But the Masca Gorge remained closed.

hiking in the Masca gorge will soon be possible again

After all now the wait is over. From 27 March 2021, hiking in the Masca Gorge should be possible again. In the meantime, the gorge has been extensively renovated so that the paths and the entire gorge should be safe. According to Tenerife News, where you can also find more information, the island’s government has invested 1.2 million euros in the renovation. In return, there are new paved paths, a visitor centre, checkpoints and an improved communication system.

Pick-up by boat - as here before the closure - will no longer be possible.

But there are also new rules. Only 125 people per day are to be allowed into the gorge. And pre-registration is also required. Importantly, there will initially be no boats to pick up hikers at the beach. Until the jetty is fully restored, it will therefore only be possible to hike down from Masca and back up again. Not everyone may dare to do this. Further rules and opening hours can be found on the new Masca Gorge website.

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