Tunnel closure – on the Acantilados de Los Gigantes

Klippenweg über die Acantilados

On a hike from Los Gigantes via the cliff path today, I noticed that massive doors are ready to close off the tunnel between the Acantilados de Los Gigantes and the Barranco Seco (see picture).

massive doors are ready to close off the tunnel
Building material before the tunnel

Then the popular hiking route “Double Tunnel Trip” will no longer be passable. However, I don’t know if it is a temporary closure due to construction work or if it is a permanent closure. If anyone knows more, I would appreciate feedback.

track of the hike double tunnel trip

As it seems that other tunnels in Barranco de Masca and Barranco Natero are also closed, the possibilities of the interesting Galeria and Canal walks in the region could be significantly reduced. If you encounter closed tunnels, please leave a comment here for other walkers. Then I can make appropriate comments on the individual walks. Thank you in advance for your help,

Dagmar von Siebeninseln

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  1. Hello
    We just did the tour last Saturday, 04.04.2021. we noticed the door as well, but it has not been installed yet.
    So we did the double tunnel hike without any problems.
    On that note I would like to 5hsnknyounfor your great website. I use it a lot as an inspiration for our hiking trips.
    Great job.

    1. Thank you so much Hanna for telling about the actual situation. I will there walk soon and see what had happened.

  2. Hi,
    as of May 17 2021 door are build into entrance on both ends of the tunnel. Good part is they are wide open as for now.
    Thanks for great tip for a hike, your posts are great inspiration for program on Tenerife.
    BTW. I did perhaps the shortest possible Accantilago de Los Gigantes double tunnel variant, continuing through El Atajo de Victor and El Largo Tunnel. I did not find that on any post on internet and as there is no path on the map from the lower end of El Largo.
    Turned out the get from El Largo to TF-PR-65 is no harder than other parts of the trip.

    1. Thanks for update description Vit

      1. ¿Se puede transitar por el Atajo de Victor y atravesar el Túnel El largo?
        porque no entendí la explicación… gracias

        1. Recientemente, se han preparado puertas por todas partes para cerrar los túneles. No sé si eso ha ocurrido ya. Hace apenas una semana, un excursionista informó de que el túnel seguía abierto. Si vas, te agradecería mucho un comentario sobre la situación actual. Gracias, Dagmar

        2. I’m not great at language of your tribe, but I think this is what you asked for:

          1. Yes, that it is, but this tunnel will be closed soon – the one on the cliff way

  3. Too bad. I am so glad I made all the tunnels and galerias a few times in the last years.
    Challenging hikes for expirienced hikers, where you need to be surefooted and free from vertigo And stunning views over the coast.
    And I loved to jump an run the Baranco trail once each time I’m on tenerife.
    Now I’ve seen the new entry and the rules 2 weeks ago. I won’t go there again. It’s only sad for the Bar Blanky. I loved to sit there to finish the day.

    1. You are right – it is a shame. But up to now some tunnels are still open. Let s face, what the future brings

  4. We did the two tunnel walk Monday no problem with tunnels but the marking on the path wasn’t good

    1. Thanks for information – I was there last week – we will see what happens

  5. We were there yesterday (7-11-2021). Both tunnels are (still) open. We did the descent from El Molledo to Playa de Barranco Seco through the eponymous gorge. Then we took the lower tunnel that lead to the coastal route to Los Gigantes. Very beautiful hike!! Good alternative instead of Masca, now you need a permit and at the moment of wrijving it is only possible during the weekends.

    Note 1: Though at the end of the route in Los Gigantes (from there a starting point) we saw a big sign that the coastal route is officially closed. But many people (with sure-footedness and without fear of heights) still do this route and it’s worth it.

    Note 2: The higher tunnel to Taimaimo we didn’t ourselves, but other hikers told us this one is open too. And that there was a third tunnel too (?) and this one was also open.

    1. Thank you for the information – I was there (both tunnels and channel pass) last Saturday – it seems, that there is work on the tubes in the moment and everything is open. Let´s see, how it will go on.

  6. (Date has to be: 8-11-2021)

  7. Fokke Laskewitz says: Reply

    Does anyone know whether the tunnels are open now? Visit febr 22
    Thanks Fokke (Netherlands)

    1. Until today most of the tunnels are open, but the lower tunnel from Tamaimo is blocked from a bar owner:https://siebeninseln.de/en/up-to-date/bar-operator/ and the water tunnel at Cuevas Negras is closed:https://siebeninseln.de/en/up-to-date/tunnel-closure/

  8. Very disappointed to find the first tunnel from Los Gigantes locked. Never the less a wonderful 2 hours of walking. Would be good to get an official comment on this from the authorities who closed it.
    Thanks for bringing all this together on your most informative web-page.
    Best Wishes Graham Boswell UK

    1. Thanks Graham for information. What do you mean with first tunnel? The tunnel on the cliff way or the Tamaimo tunnel?

  9. Szymon von Nabalkon says: Reply

    Tamaimo is “opened”, except for the awkward situation with awkward guy at the gate, who wants 10 euro for pass. Graham, can you confirm that lower tunnel is totally closed? I was going to go there tomorrow with my kid and wouldn’t disappoint him…

  10. Rikki Frederiksen says: Reply

    On the 20th of February, I took the path from Los Gigantes going north along the cliffs, and passed through the tunnel closest to the sea. Then went up through the valley along Barranco Mancha de Los Diaz and returned to Los Gigantes through the Tamaimo tunnel. However, when reaching the end of the tunnel, I was met by a closed gate guarded by a civilian-dressed guy. I refused to pay the 10 euro he requested, and he eventually let me through. I went to a nearby house where “tickets” could be purchased, but ticket seller did not have any papers documenting that he had any rights to charge money for entering the tunnel, so I did not pay.

    1. Thanks for coming along here – since some days the tunnel is open again 🙂

  11. Just walked the Tamaimo tunnel. The iron gate was not attached to its hinges and no strange guy asking for 10 euro 😁

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