Hiking under the almond blossom – Ruta Almendros en Flor


Almond blossom in January

The almond blossom is approaching. The first buds will already be visible in January. Therefore I would like to present here today a beautiful circular walk near Santiago del Teide. On this almond blossom path you will see hundreds of blossoming almond trees. The hike itself can of course be done all year round. But it is most beautiful in the time when the almond trees, which line almost the whole way, bloom in full splendour in January and February. The almond blossom in white and pink tones gives a nice contrast to the black lava floor.

pink almond blossom

The official itinerary, also known as Ruta Almendros en Flor, is combined with a big almond flower festival in Santiago del Teide. If you don’t want to go alone, at the beginning of each year you have enough opportunity to walk the route together with many almond blossom tree fans. Every January and February, the municipality of Santiago del Teide organises a variety of festivals around the almond blossom. In addition to a well-organised hike, there is a market with local specialities at the weekends. And of course there are also local almonds.

Flag in Santiago del Teide for the almond blossom festival

Almonds, almond blossom and almond trees

The Spanish word for almond is almendra. And the almond tree is called almendro. This is why the hiking tour under the blossoming almond trees is also called Ruta de Almendros en Flor. Not only on the Spanish mainland, but also on some Canary Islands, the almond trees can be found in many places. In the southwestern part of Tenerife, depending on the weather conditions, they bloom between the end of December and the beginning of March. The almond trees can be found at altitudes from about 500 to 1000 metres.

Almond harvest in September

From the end of August to September the almonds are ripe and harvested everywhere. The almond not only tastes good, but is also used for a wide variety of purposes in food and cosmetics. According to epidemiological studies, the consumption of almonds should contribute significantly to reducing mortality due to cardiovascular diseases. Hiking on the blossoming almond tree stretch with subsequent consumption of almonds is therefore an all-round healthy pleasure.

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Track - Almond Blossom Hike in Santiago del Teide - Almendros en Flor

General information on the circular walk Almond Blossom

Starting point and approach

Church square of Santiago del Teide (930 m altitude).

Arrival by car

Santiago del Teide can be reached by car on the TF-436 from the south (Los Gigantes, Tamaimo). You can also take the TF-1 motorway from the south. This ends in Santiago del Teide. Then continue on the TF-436. If you are coming from the north, take the TF-82. There are plenty of parking spaces on the roadside of Santiago del Teide.

Starting point Santiago del Teide

Arrival by bus

The Titsa bus lines 325 (Puerto de la Cruz-Los Gigantes), 460 (Icod de los Vinos-Costa Adeje), 462 (Guía de Isora-Los Gigantes) and 355 (Buenavista – Santiago del Teide) stop in Santiago del Teide.


I don’t like to give general time information for hiking tours, because the times are very individual. The big round can generally be done in 4 hours. For the small round you can calculate about 2 hours. In order to really enjoy the almond blossom, to take long breaks and possibly nice photos, you can also plan a little more time. I myself have photographed and looked a lot on the tours and have always taken a lot of time in relation to other tours.

Elevation profile Almond Blossom Hike

Difference in altitude and distance 

The difference in altitude is about 400 meters. For the small tour it is about 220 meters. The distance is 10.5 kilometers long. The small distance is only about 6 kilometres.

Elevation profile Almond Blossom Hike - short way


Both tours are easy and for everyone with a little physical condition easy to master tours. The paths are wide and mostly well signposted.


There are restaurants, bars and shops in Santiago del Teide and in Arguayo, not so far away from the tour.

Track Almond Blossom Hike small and big circle


This hiking tour can be combined well with different other hiking and round walks in the proximity. The tours described under the Chinyero article are especially suitable.

Furthermore you can make a detour from the tour to the nearby village Arguayo and to the Montaña de la Hoya. If you don’t want a big round trip, you can simply hike from Santiago del Teide to Arguayo. From there you can also take the Titsa bus line 462 back to the starting point to Santiago del Teide.

almond tree with blossoms


The best time for this trail is in January, February and early March, when the almond blossom can be seen and experienced. Information on the almond blossom festivities, competitions and the common almond blossom walk can be obtained from the local tourist information offices and from the municipality of Santiago del Teide.

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Since it can become quite cold, windy and even rainy at this time of the year, take some warm clothing with you to be on the safe side.

View on Santiago del Teide, El Molledo and Retamar

Hiking trail Ruta Almendros en Flor – hiking under the almond blossom

Section Santiago del Teide – Water depot

The starting point is the church square of Santiago del Teide, which can be found on the main road on the right in front of the church and the tourist information. Here, at an altitude of approximately 900 metres, it can be quite fresh, cool or even rainy in the winter months. Therefore, pay attention to the weather forecast and if possible, choose a sunny day. You follow the path TF PR- 43.3, which will take you past the Santiago del Teide building through some small streets of the town. Very quickly the path branches off to the left of the road.

almond tree with blossoms

It leads you through bushes and between the first almond trees on a narrow straight path uphill. If you are there at the right time, you can already see the almond blossom in full splendour. You walk right under the flowering almond trees. After a short time, Santiago del Teide will be behind you. Soon it goes a little steeply uphill and shortly after around a water depot. Everywhere below you on the slope you can see the almond blossom.

view on Mount Teide with almond trees

Section water depot – Calvario with variant short hike over Las Manchas

Then the path between stone walls takes you steeply up the mountain. It goes towards Teide, which you can already see lying ahead of you. You also have beautiful views back to Santiago del Teide and the Teno Mountains. After about 20 minutes you reach a fork in the road. On the right there is a path to Las Manchas and on the left a path to Valle Arriba. Those who have already seen enough of the almond blossom can turn right to Las Manchas.

This path will take you along the hillside and in about half an hour down to the TF-375 road, near the village of Las Manchas. This is a short version of the big round tour. From there you go back to Santiago del Teide as described below.

view to the Teide and Pico Viejo

However, the big circular path through the almond blossom goes straight ahead between stone walls further uphill. After you have reached about 300 meters of altitude, you will come to a larger square. Here at Calvario is the place where the black lava of the volcano Chinyero stopped.

Be careful

A few years ago many cars were parked up here and hikers started the tour from here. The access led on a driveway over the small place Valle Arriba. Meanwhile the access is forbidden here. The driveway is often closed with a barrier, so that I cannot really recommend this alternative.

View on Las Manchas - in the background Santiago del Teide

Section Calvario – Chapel

Leave the Calvario square to your left and continue straight ahead on a wider path. After a short while it turns right and you reach the lava flow on a small path, which you cross below Bilma mountain, which is on your right. After some time, the trail to Chinyero starts on the left side of the path, signposted. But you continue straight ahead.

Stone walls and almond blossoms on the hiking trail

The path leads you slightly uphill through bushes. You cross a water pipe and after some time you reach the edge of the pine forest. The path always leads you along the edge of the forest. In sunny weather, larger groups often use the green area for picnics during almond blossoms. After the excursion into the pine forest, you turn right at a crossroads. The trail takes you down a slope. Follow the path until you come to a small chapel on the road TF-375 between Arguayo and Las Manchas.

view on Arguayo and the south west cost of Tenerife

Section detour to Arguayo and the Montaña de la Hoya

If you don’t follow the path downhill to the right and go straight on at the edge of the forest, after some time a path leads you slightly downhill towards Arguayo. In Arguayo (905m) you can have a coffee in a bar. Or you can visit the local museum “Museo Centro Alfarero” (Tuesday to Saturday from 10-13 and 16-19, Sunday 10-14). Then you cross the town past the church square from bottom to top. When you turn left behind the museum at the upper end of the village and cross the main road, the path to Las Manchas starts on the opposite side.

almond blossom

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You can either walk around the Montaña de la Hoja, the big mountain with the antenna masts. On the other side of the mountain, you’ll descend on small paths to the village of Las Manchas. Or you can take the main road from Arguayo up to the town sign where the road to Santiago del Teide continues. Here you turn left into a wide path. This asphalt road climbs past the sports field and a water reservoir. In a few wide loops you climb up the western slope of the Montaña de la Hoja.

Panorama Almond blossom hike and volcano stones

From there you can climb to the top of the “Antennas Mountain”. Continuing along the wide main path, you reach the top of the Montaña de la Hoja after a few wide serpentines, some of which lead through a forest. From up there you have a fantastic view of the almond blossom and the whole area from the Teno Mountains to the Teide.

Former chapel above Las Manchas, demolished in 2021

Route section former chapel to Santiago del Teide

Whether you have done the big loop via Arguayo, or come from the summit of Montaña de la Hoya, or from the pine forest, you have done the actual Ruta de los Almendros. You will then be standing on the TF-375 road below a small rise. Once there was a white chapel on it, as in the picture. This was demolished at the end of 2021. To avoid the long switchbacks on the road to Las Manchas, follow the small path below the former chapel to the left of the road. It leads you on narrow paths in small serpentines over water pipes down to Las Manchas. When you reach the village, the local roads lead you straight through the small village back onto the TF-375.

Blossoming almond tree at the roadside

If you have chosen the absolute short path of the Blossom of the Almond hiking route, you will come back to the hiking route here. Around Las Manchas there are many almond trees to admire. Pure almond blossom. The hike takes you from Las Manchas a little along the main road in the direction of Santiago del Teide. This is not the most beautiful part of the circuit. But the numerous almond trees and the wonderful almond blossom at the roadside compensate you for this. Shortly before the big crossroads, turn right into a quiet little road in the direction of Santiago del Teide. This will take you back to the centre of Santiago del Teide after about 15 minutes of walking past the cemetery.

Blossoming almond tree in Santiago del Teide

And finally

On this tour, besides hiking, the almond blossom is really in the foreground. Because it is not really a big strenuous hike. And even if you just want to go for a walk, you can pick your own little variation here. In any case, I wish you a lot of fun while hiking, of course, bright sunshine at the next almond blossom.

Dagmar von Siebeninseln

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