Contemplative round tour through the Valle Brosque

Blick auf die Häuser des Weilers Valle Brosque

Valle Brosque – Hiking on the south side of the Anaga Mountains

This hike takes you in a southerly direction down from the Anaga high road into the green valley Valle Brosque. But not only the valley is called Valle Brosque but also the small hamlet at the end point of the hiking tour. Another name is Casério El Pelóton. It is a small picturesquely located village at the Barranco de Valle Brosque with approximately 60 inhabitants.

steep climb on narrow paths on the way back to the Cumbre

The way there leads from the Casas Forestal over the Casas de la Cumbre down into the Valle Brosque. From the height and from the path you have beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, the coast and the island capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife lying deep below you.

Water and rocks in the Barranco area

From the Casas de la Cumbre the path leads down quite steeply in parts. In former times this path was mainly used by the locals to transport goods to the coast. According to an information board at the beginning of the path, the locals are said to have dropped their old pack animals, which could no longer do their work, from the highest peaks. Not a very nice thought. I really hope that it was not that bad after all.

View down into the canyons and to the coast

From Valle Brosque (Casério El Pelóton) we go in a wide arc back to the top. This part of the route you hike on a nice and mostly well laid out Camino Real (King’s path). This Camino Real connects Valle Brosque (Casério El Pelóton) with the Camino Real de la Cumbre. Up there, your round trip is finished. But if you like, you can of course also continue on this Camino Real to Taganana. You can find more information under the point Variants.

Track of the circular hike Valle Brosque

General information about the circular hike Valle Brosque

Starting point and approach

Mirador and end point of the road - Valle Brosque

Starting point of this hike is the Casa Forestal de Anaga on the Anaga High Road (TF-12) at an altitude of approx. 830 metres. If you prefer to hike uphill first, you can of course also start the hike in Valle Brosque (Casério El Pelóton).

Approach by car 

You can reach us via TF 13 and TF 12 from La Laguna or from the south side via TF 11 and TF 12 from San Andrés. There are plenty of parking spaces at the roadside and in a parking lot behind the former forester’s house (Casa Forestal).

You can also reach Valle Brosque (Casério El Pelóton) from the coastal road TF 11 on a small road that branches off towards the mountains at the oil harbour.

Arrival by bus 

The Titsa bus line 076 stops directly at the Casa Forestal and the Titsa bus line 077 at the Casas de la Cumbre. If you want to depart from Valle Brosque (Casério El Pelóton), you can get there with the Titsa bus line 916. Details of how to get there and other connections can be found on the Titsa homepage.

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I don’t like to give general time indications for hiking tours, as the times are very individual. We needed 4 hours for this comfortable tour with some breaks.

Elevation profile of the circular hike Valle Brosque

Height difference and distance  

The difference in altitude in ascent and descent is about 700 meters. The route is a little less than 7.5 kilometres long. 


An easy hike that is easy to manage for anyone with a little bit of fitness. Some of the descents and ascents are a little steep, but overall you will find well laid out hiking trails. 


Restaurants and bars can be found on the Anaga High Road and below Valle Brosque on the road to San Andrés, but not on the circular route. Therefore, take enough water and if necessary food with you.

Tracks of different circular hikes around Taganana connected to Valle Brosque


This tour can be easily combined with various other hiking and circular walks in the vicinity. 

As described above, you can start this tour, as it is a circular walk, of course, just as well at the Casa de la Cumbre or in Valle Brosque (Casério El Pelóton). If the tour is too long for you, you can also take only one way and take the bus to get there and back.

The circular walk can also be combined with other tours around Taganana. You can find a circular hike here. You can also find other hikes that you can see on the track picture on Seven Islands under the category Anaga Mountains.

Signs for PR TF 3 into the Valle Brosque

Round trip Anaga mountains Valle Brosque

Route section Casa Forestal to roadway lookout point “Two chairs

You start this round trip at the Casa Forestal on the TF 12 (Anaga High Road). First you follow the signposted hiking trail PR TF 3 with the road towards La Laguna (west). After about 10 minutes you will reach the Casas de la Cumbre. You can also start your hike from here. On the left side, opposite the buildings in the middle of the small settlement, you will find the hiking trail that branches off to the left. Here you will find an information board. And then you continue on the hiking trail. From up here you have a wonderful view of the coast and the island capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 

Mirador "Two Chairs" Valle Brosque

After a short time you will pass a house on your left and you will come to a road. Follow this to the right. After about 100 metres, the path branches off the road again on the left side. Follow a steep path downhill through the bush forest and shorten the road, which you will come across again a little later. Up here someone has put up two chairs that invite you to stay. Next to them is a sign in Spanish (this day is a gift – enjoy it). And it feels exactly the same when you can enjoy the wonderful view from up there.

much green and beautiful hiking trails

Route section Roadway Viewpoint “Two Chairs” to Valle Brosque (El Pelóton)

Once more you cross the road. Then the steep path goes steeply down over a wooded ridge. The forest gradually thins out. You lose height quickly on the steep descent and continue to have beautiful views of the wide green valley that spreads out in front of you. You hike along a slope for a while and then cross a narrow Barranco ground up here. From there, the path continues on the right side of the valley down the slope towards Valle Brosque (El Pelóton). 

Barranco ground with water

After some time the path changes to the left side of the valley. From time to time you get close to the water flowing down the Barranco. There are some waterholes and you always walk close to the Barranco bottom, which you cross from time to time. The closer you get to Valle Brosque, the more terraced fields, gardens, meadows and small fenced-in plots you come across. Everywhere you go you will find plantations from wine to potatoes. The flowing water makes the area green and blooming. Finally, the hiking trail leads you past a few houses. After crossing the Barranco de Valle Brosque, you will find yourself in the upper part of Valle Brosque (El Pelóton).

Signposting in Valle Brosque with reference to the bus station

Section Valle Brosque (El Pelóton) to Fayal-Brezal forest

Here you come to a paved road that leads down to the coast. There is also a bus stop in Valle Brosque (El Pelóton), so you can start or end the hike there. It is worthwhile to have a look around the pretty little hamlet. Afterwards you go back to the place where you crossed the Barranco. There the PR TF 3 trail branches off at a signpost. At first you go uphill in a few short steep serpentines (at the El Pelóton rock) on the right side of the Barranco. The path then leads you steadily uphill just above the barranco.

View up from the hiking trail to the Cumbre

After some time you cross the Barranco to the left. Also from this path you will have beautiful views back to the hamlet, the Barranco and the heights of the Anaga Mountains high above you. It continues uphill. In parts, the path leads a little close to the precipice and along rock faces. But you always have a good hiking trail. You hike along the slope and gradually you come back into wooded areas. When you have arrived back in the Fayal-Brezal forest, the narrow path goes steeply up in small serpentines. 

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hiking path Valle Brosque

Route section Fayal-Brezal forest to Casa Forestal

You ascend for quite a while – sometimes quite steeply – in the forest. But you cannot miss the hiking trail. After a while the path flattens out and then you meet the TF-12, the Anaga high road again. Follow this road to the left for a short while. Then the trail continues on the right side of the road. It takes you up through the forest a little and then continues parallel to the road. 

path up from Valle Brosque (El Pelóton)

After a while you will come to a fork in the road. This is where the path comes from, coming from El Bailadero towards Casa Forestal or Taganana. But you go straight on. A short time later you come to a crossroads near a small cave. Here you continue straight on in the direction of Taganana. Keep left and after a short time you will come out behind Casa Forestal at the parking lot.

Dog has discovered water in the Barranco

And finally

I hope you enjoyed this walk around Valle Brosque. If the weather is fine, the Anaga mountains are a beautiful area for hiking. This year 2020 we were lucky in February and could try a new tour in the Anaga Mountains almost every day of our hiking week in beautiful weather. I really hope that this will be the case again next year. I wish you a lot of fun on all your hikes, which hopefully will be possible again soon on Tenerife,

Dagmar of Seven Islands

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