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4/25/2019 (updated: 11/23/2022) | 2min Reading time

Teide – Mufflon hunting in Teide National Park

Mufflon Jagd Sperrungen
For the current hunting times just look here:


Mufflon hunting season 2019 starts 6th of May

Mufflon hunting season 2019 starts on 6 May 2019. From Monday 6 May to Monday 3 June 2019 (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) large sections of the Teide National Park are closed due to Mufflon hunting. Please note that during these times you will not be able to use many hiking trails in the National Park.
Mufflon Hunting Season 2019
Mufflon Hunting Season 2019
If you have any questions, please call the Teide National Park Administration at +34 92292222371.

Mufflon hunting season starts mid October 2018

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Article summary and large selection of GPS hiking tracks

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Hikers have to reckon with the closure of hiking trails in the Teide National Park due to the upcoming mufflon hunt. Also this year hunters go hunting on the moufflon. According to the Teide National Park Centre, this year’s hunting season starts on 15 October. And it will last until 12 November 2018, when the animals are hunted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Enclosed you will find a map of the National Park Centre with the affected hiking trails. These are closed during this period and on these days. For example, it is no longer possible to climb the Guajara. Before you plan a hike during this period, make sure you know whether the tour you are planning is actually possible. Further information can be found on the Teide National Park homepage or under the service number +34 92292222371.

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