Tenerife – high-altitude hike via Los Carrizales (Abache Steig)

Wanderer auf dem Steig von Los Carrizales

Los Carrizales – Abache Steig

View from the edge of the cliff to the cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean

Los Carrizales is a small village in the Teno Mountains, not far from the famous village of Masca. It is a hamlet in the municipality of Buenavista del Norte, in the north of Tenerife. There are two districts, Los Carrizales Bajo and Los Carrizales Alto – one lower and one higher. Both districts are located at the upper end of the gorge of the same name at an altitude of up to 600 metres above sea level.

View on Los Carrizales Alto

Although the Barranco of Los Carrizales is not as well known as the nearby Masca Gorge, it is always worth a hike because of its wild nature. Today, however, we take the high-level path over the Barranco di Carrizales, also known as the Abache Steig. This climb is already impressive to look at because of the rugged rock walls on the sides. And from up there you have dizzying views into the two steep gorges on each side of the path.

Finca at the ridge of Los Carrizales

Similar to the famous Guergues Steig hike, the path along the Steig of Los Carrizales will take you past an abandoned finca with an old threshing floor. At the end of the hike, you can then take a look at the Atlantic Ocean directly below you from the height of the abort edge. An impressive tour, but one that requires absolute surefootedness and a head for heights.

Track hike over  the Carrizal ridge (Abache Steig)

General information about the hike over the Abache Steig from Los Carrizales

Starting point and approach:

Starting point - bend at the street to Los Carrizales Alto

The starting point is a small square on the road to Los Carrizales (Calle Carrizal Alto). In the first bend after turning off the TF-436 you can park your car on the left side. This is also where the hike starts.

Arrival by car:

From the north on the TF-436 from Buenavista del Norte and from the south on the TF-436 from Santiago del Teide, take the car to the exit for Los Carrizales. The starting point of the hike is already in the first wide bend down into the village.

Arrival by bus:

The Titsa bus line 355 runs between Santiago del Teide and Buenavista del Norte. If you get off at TF-436 at the entrance to Los Carrizales, you can easily walk the short distance to the starting point. More information can be found on the Titsa Homepage.


I don’t like to give general time information for hiking tours, because the times are very individual. Here I only needed a little more than one hour as pure hiking time. But on the way I was over 3 hours. This was due to the fantastic views, which always invited to stop and take a photo break.

elevation profile Carrizal Ridge (Abache Steig)

Difference in altitude and distance: 

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The pure height difference of this hike on the climb of Los Carrizales is only about 180 meters. But through a lot of ups and downs, the total altitude difference is almost 330 meters. According to the altitude profile, the route is a little over 5 kilometres long. My JPS has here some meters with the straight going up in narrow serpentines embezzled. Actually the distance is scarcely 7 kilometers long.


This hike is not very long and there are also not too many altitude meters to master. Therefore it is also to be classified as easy. But it often goes close to the abyss. Therefore, absolute surefootedness and a head for heights are a prerequisite.


There are restaurants, bars and shops only in the nearby Masca and/or at the Cruz de Hilda in the proximity. Therefore take enough water and food with you.

path behind the Finca - it leads on further down the ridge


This tour can be extended. It runs over two different mountain ridges. Here you can continue on the ridges at the end of the tour. As with the Guergues Steig Tour, the first ridge continues on a path for a while further down towards the coast and the edge. The same applies at the point where you reach a summit on the 2nd ridge. There, too, the descent continues a little further. The tour as described here can therefore be extended in two ways towards the coast.

Hikers on the ridge of Los Carrizales

Hike over the Abache Steig from Los Carrizales

Section car park to hill on the mountain ridge near houses

Starting point - way to the rigde

You start your hike just below the TF-436 road that connects Buenavista del Norte and Santiago del Teide. The starting point is on the road to Carrizal Alto in the first bend. From there a partially cemented road leads you briefly downhill. Below begins the actual hiking trail, which takes you uphill in an arc to the right on the slope. You go up on the right side of the slope on a well laid out hiking path.

view point with a bench over Los Carrizales
hiking path at the start of the hike to the Carrizal ridge

After some time the path continues on the right side of the slope. But straight ahead a short steep path leads up to the mountain ridge. Here a small detour is worthwhile. Because from up there you have a first really good view to the Barranco of Carrizal on one side and the Fortaleza de Masca on the other side. Up here there are fenced private properties, so that you can’t go on there. But the view is fantastic. At one place there is even a bench with a small table.

Private plots along the road - Climb via Los Carrizales

Section of hill at houses up to the beginning of green bush land

You go down the small path until you reach the hiking trail again and follow the path on the right side of the slope. From here you don’t need a description anymore, because there is only one way. This often leads you very close to the abyss, but always in sufficient width along the path close to the ridge. It is possible that you might get into the clouds. But otherwise you can enjoy really wonderful views of the neighboring ridges of the Teno Mountains and the Barranco of Los Carrizal below you.

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hiking path Carrizal Ridge (Abache Steig)

From time to time the path climbs quite steeply. The effort is always rewarded with an even better vantage point. You walk on narrow stone paths around some rock walls. It mostly goes up and down in an easy way. The steep climbs are present in between, but well feasible. If you have hiked a long time, the mountain ridge widens. Now you have exactly two runners in front of you. In between there is a large green area covered with bushes and grasses.

clouds over the Barranco of Los Carrizales

Section of green bushland to Finca and the second mountain ridge

The hiking trail now leads you on the left side of the ridge. To your right is the green area. You walk along the path along the bushes for a while. Then you reach an abandoned finca with a threshing floor in front of it. How remote the people lived here a long time ago. You can have a look at the abandoned finca. Today’s hiking trail with the small circular path over the green area now leads you behind the abandoned finca the way towards the green area and down to the second mountain ridge.

Hiking trail close to the abyss

But if you want to explore this first (main) mountain ridge even further, you can continue straight ahead behind the abandoned finca. The path then descends quite steeply with the ridge. Therefore, remember that you have to come back the meters in height. Otherwise, the path goes on for quite a while in the direction of the abort ridge. But overall the path gets worse and more confusing.

green between the ridge - Fortalezza de Masca in the background

The circular hike now leads you straight across the bush area. Those who wear long trousers have a clear advantage. The paths here aren’t so hard, so that the branches of the bushes can leave some striae on bare legs.

clouds over the green between the ridges

Route section 2nd mountain ridge to the summit

When you have crossed the green area with the terraced fields and stone walls, the hiking trail takes you slowly up the 2nd ridge in an arc to the left. This ridge runs parallel to the first ridge. If you have a clear view at the edge of the gorge, you can now see the steep coast with the Atlantic Ocean deep below you. You walk along the left side of the ridge. From time to time there are fantastic views into the gorge deep below you. To your right you will reach a small summit on a small path after some time. It is well marked with a pole.

view through the clouds to the Atlantic and the steep coast
summit of the ridge Carrizal

This highest place of the 2nd mountain ridge offers itself for a rest. You have beautiful views in all directions, as long as of course possible clouds allow it. From this point the small circular walk goes back over the green area. But if you want to see and experience more, you can also venture a little further on this mountain ridge. But I haven’t done that myself yet and so I can’t write anything about it.

Hiking path over the ridge

Route section summit to main hiking trail/return trail

From the summit you now go back for a short time on the same path that you came. When you reach the point where you crossed the green area, go straight on. You more or less always stay along the ridge. This allows you to enjoy wonderful views of the surroundings once again. After some time you will reach a larger rock massif.

Hiking trail and clouds at the ridge of Los Carrizales

You have to avoid that by bushes around its foot. The direction is clear for you, because you have to get back to the main path in front of you. Here in the upper part of the green area the way is not always easy to find. But if you keep to the right of the ridge, after a while you will see the main path in front of you again. You go around to the left. You already know the way back. Even if you look at the landscape from the other side, it looks different again.

hiking trail and hikers at the ridge of Los Carrizales

And finally

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful walk along the path of Los Carrizales. If you yourself have already or soon (?) continued on the trail and can say something about the further course, I would be very happy about your additions here. I wish you a lot of fun while hiking.

Dagmar von Siebeninseln

Summary information about the article and a large selection of GPS hiking tracks are availableRegister now for my newsletter and get exclusive access to my collected GPS tracks as well as all short information about my articles.


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